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STVV remains in top 6 after difficult victory against Waasland-Beveren

cfd899c741725efe5c768f770f42bd63 - STVV remains in top 6 after difficult victory against Waasland-Beveren

STVV is on the road to Play-off 1. Against Waasland-Beveren among others the however long on a draw after two by the videoref awarded penalty. But in the final beat Waasland-Beveren at the blunder. Goalkeeper Deckhouse was in the wrong, the Moors kicked the ball against team mate Caufriez and so came the 2-1 is still on the board. STVV remains fourth, and approaching to within one point of Standard.

STVV seemed a long time, its teeth to bite on to a stiff Waasland-Beveren, but in the slotminuten got the Figures yet pay to work. And so the Canaries after 25 days in the top six camping. Waasland-Beveren will be left with a two on fifteen and remains afraid to look down.

Coach Marc Brys conducted just a bill by. The Japanese defender Tomiyasu appeared for the first time again the kick-off after they lost in the final of the Asian Cup. The Petter moved to the bank. Adnan Custovic was forced two bills to implement. Captain Massop returned after a day suspension back in the base, for the injured Boljevic. The front got Forte preference Vanzo.

2x videoref

The present suppoters got a pleasant opening phase. STVV demanded emphatically possession of the ball, all played Waasland-Beveren works well with the season’s revelation. Played opportunities, however, were still scarce in the openingskwartier. To the VAR referee Lambrechts to the screen called. Defender Caufriez went over the ball and planted his foot on that of Boli. A deserved penalty kick after an intervention of the videoref. Botaka sent Aft in the wrong direction. Noteworthy: it was the tenth penalty kick that the Waaslanders against got.

A few minutes later, the ball again on the dot. Again, ref Lambrechts first pass, but fortunately, the VAR was tonight at the lesson. Ampomah was there as the chickens in to do a short back-pass from Teixeira to intercept, after which the Ghanaian overthrow was gekegeld by goalkeeper Steppe. Forte kicked his third penalty of the season against the ropes. The game went up and down. Nevertheless, it showed the People the most attacking intentions. The duo of The Sart-Boli decided their piece of art of last week at Eupen to repeat. Only sailed the volley from the Ivorian attacker this time across goal instead of in it. Since the departure of Bezus to Gent into The Sart more and more into principal of this STVV.

Weakling Caufriez

On the stroke of tranquility disaster struck for Ampomah. The Ghanaian hint remained with his foot in the artificial turf stitches and was with the hands on the face disposed on the draagberrie. A serious loss for Waasland-Beveren, because with seven goals and four assists is Ampomah this season of gold value. I hope his injury.

The second half had a lot less to the body. STVV was explicitly looking for the winning hit, while Waasland-Beveren deeper and deeper collapsed. Only in the transition shared the visitors and, occasionally, a pin-prick. So flew the volley of Andrijasevic an indicator in addition to purpose. A minute later, crawled into the Waaslanders through the eye of the needle when Acolatse a low slider from Garcia could not binnenglijden. Incomprehensible how that ball is not in the target disappeared. STVV piled up the chances, but goalkeeper deck-house stood. In the end of the match fumbled Deckhouse next to the ball, after which the Ethiopians kicked the ball against Caufriez, and so bumped the leather over the line. The goalkeeper protested for a violation, but this time grip the VAR is not in. The discharge on the Truiense bank was huge.

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