Protester loses hand in protests yellow bibs Paris

253e6b198bb3aa0b957aa4b08cd7565c - Protester loses hand in protests yellow bibs Paris

For the thirteenth weekend in a row in several French cities protesters, the yellow shirts on the streets to protest against the social policy of the government.

In Paris was the event to be noisy, and hit a protester injured. His hand was torn off, presumably after he was hit by a flash bang from the police.

Last weekend there were, according to the French police about 58.000 yellow shirts to the streets in France. The organizers counted himself 116.000 protesters.

Also this weekend, drawing thousands of protesters present in a number of French cities. In the capital, Paris, there were, according to a reporter from AFP Saturday afternoon hundreds of demonstrators gathered on the Champs-Elysées.

The protest was not without incident. The police had to intervene and it was the hand of a protester ripped off. A French tv channel showed images of the wounded man, who got drained by the fire brigade. There is still no official cause of the incident, but according to a witness would be the victim being hit by a flash bang, fired by the police.

Furthermore, there were manifestations in, among others, Bordeaux and Toulouse. Later still protesters on the street in Lille, Nantes, Rennes on Brest.

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