Pascale Naessens in tears after phone Paul Jambers

Today was Pascale Naessens guest at Evi Hanssen in The Holy House of Hanssen with Joe. Pascale announced the secret of her marriage with Paul Jambers, that, according to Evi straight out of a romantic movie seems to come. Further, the ladies also about ageing and the use of botox.

Pascale Naessens and Paul Jambers are already vijventwintig years married and Pascale gives the secret of her marriage with Paul price at Evi: “If a marriage is hard work, I think that something is not seated properly. I think in a marriage that you should be aware of. I want Paul not change and he is not me, and I think that we are the best in each other. We kiss always with a full moon. That is a very romantic moment and I want to always kiss with sight on the moon. It is a must, it promotes the romance. We then go outside and then I find a place to kiss him. It’s the small things that make the difference,” laughs Pascale. If Evi a message of Paul shows that Paul also has the full moon been told, Pascale, her tears under control.

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