New movie of Jan Verheyen flopped heavily

aeed5744d6970f91f6a1ee64de4bdcc7 - New movie of Jan Verheyen flopped heavily

The Colleagues, 2.0, big drum announced. A new generation would finally be able to get acquainted with the iconic Colleagues, but the film was not the hoped-for success. On the contrary…

The latest film by Jan Verheyen is for the director not a victory march, but a lesson in humility. “This had none of us seen coming. I’m really not good,” says Jan Verheyen, the weekend supplement of het Nieuwsblad. The Colleague’s 2.0 will close with about 140,000 visitors and that is far too little to cover the cost, sounds by Jan Verheyen. “We have apparently made a mistake.”

Is 140.000 visitors by no means a bad result for a Flemish film, but The Colleagues 2.0 was made without the intervention of the Flemish Audiovisual Fund and the expectations were enormously high-strung. We had between 200,000 and 300,000 spectators to the cost,” reveals Jan Verheyen in NOW. A lot of people tear their pants on the film, including Jan Verheyen himself that some of the bonuses through his fingers to see through. And that goes for a few thousand euro, says Jan Verheyen, who is also his “brand” as a director damaged see. And that stings, let him write in The Newspaper.

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