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Nestle promises a lot from the Blockchain Coin Hero

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Nestle promises to be a lot of the Blockchain

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Matthias Nemack –

Gains not brought the message, the Bitcoin exchange rate. However, Nestle’s Blockchain-interest is another important sign.

Food industry tests of the Blockchain on applicability

Banks,insurance companies, logistics companies – the list of industries in which to recognize gradually, the technical possibilities of the Blockchain is long. It grows and grows steadily. Now the model could hold in the food industry. Finally, the industry giant Nestle announced, of all things, to want to the Blockchain. The Swiss-based Global Player has announced to use the technology to make the origin of food and food ingredients traceable.

Difficulty in identification of the product origin fix

In this point, problems occurred in the past – not only in the said group. Horse meat in lasagna is just one of the examples in the past that caused a media sensation. Surprisingly, the announcement is only conditionally, because Nestle has joined in the year of 2017 already in the project, IBM’s Food Trust. The aim of this programme under the leadership of the IT company IBM for the creation of more transparency in the interests of consumers through the use of distributed databases. Ultimately, consumers should benefit, as well as the suppliers involved and of course the food group itself and the attached to the project partners as a whole.

The Blockchain is created as part of supply chains

Also the competitor Unilever involved in the program:. To include data transferred in the interests of transparency, information about the processing of food or harvest data. Transport routes can also be via the Blockchain and viewed sent. Especially the high speed of the data transfers plays for the project participants a Central role. Consumer organizations Express a positive effect. Missing, basically, is that within the supply chains, now also Ethereum, Litecoin, and other Blockchain-based currencies.

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