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Mathieu van der Poel takes gold DVV Verzekeringen Trophy and wins Krawatencross in Lille despite crash

54101ae86f8e58868898d12bb080b64e - Mathieu van der Poel takes gold DVV Verzekeringen Trophy and wins Krawatencross in Lille despite crash

Mathieu van der Poel has his rainbow jersey was still some extra color in Lille. The newly crowned world champion left the competition no chance and jumped in the play-in game away. Despite a crash just past halfway, he could quite easily his 29th victory of the season books.

Four minutes: so long had Mathieu van der Poel needed to be in Lille the other riders in the demolition drive. Van der Poel went on, and did not look around anymore. Behind him, the messengers Joris Nieuwenhuis, Quinten Hermans and Toon Aerts – the great challenger of Van der Poel – the most resistance. From Wout van Aert was no trace in his home race: he drove Wednesday in Maldegem his last game of the veldritseizoen and it is now a bit of rest before the preparation for his wegcampagne begins.

Van der Poel steams in the meantime and fumbled the 15 bonificatieseconden. Toon Aerts sprokkelde no seconds or points, and saw his deficit to the VDP from 58 seconds to 1 minute and 13 be enlarged. And so if Van der Poel immediately a first prize in his name to write: because Aerts no points scored, it was the Dutchman, winner in the tussensprintklassement.

On the sandy track in Lille were several riders with bad luck. Lars van der haar fell on the bars, Corné van Kessel was also against the ground and Quinten Hermans drove his necklace off. A serious downer for Telenet Fidea cycling team Lions, but the competition wasn’t spared: in round five was none other than Mathieu van der Poel against the ground. The world champion saw his lead on the first pursuer Michael Vanthourenhout so suddenly reduced to “only” twenty seconds.

In the slotrondes formed behind lone leader VDP a large chasing group of ten riders. Toon Aerts found it in the penultimate round called it a day and tried to rest loose to drive. That succeeded to a large extent: only Michael Vanthourenhout was able to follow. In the last round was Aerts however, several recognise in Vanthourenhout. VDP won with a few seconds ahead of the rider, by Marlux-Bingoal, Aerts was third. Van der Poel is mmeteen also the winner of the DVV-classification.

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