Lynn Wesenbeek is not assured in son-in-law Jens Dendoncker

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We have Friday what is set in motion. The news that Lauren Versnick and Jens Dendoncker, a torque, meanwhile, all of the newspapers. The couple had Thursday night at the MIA’s their first red lopermoment and it was Friday by the one journalist after another is contacted for a response. Also, The Latest News called Friday with them. Jens Dendoncker and Lauren got to know each other thanks to the program ‘How will I say this?’. Lauren worked as a producer on the second season of the program. “There is the spark skipped”, responded to Jens Friday on . The rumors went for a while the round, last week denied Lauren in Day All the more that she and Jens a couple were. “We wanted to not force our relationship to the great clock to hang,” said Jens Friday on”Especially because it is still very early, and also for us it is still not clear to all. Yesterday we still decided to give us not more road to cross, and the MIA’s. We had just both like it.”

And today, they will definitely not regret that they are there Thursday working, because the reactions are surprising. Not everyone believed the news Friday morning but the people who still believed, were particularly positive. There is nothing as beautiful as two people who are in love with each other. Two very nice people by the way because Lauren may be there as a daughter of Lynn Wesenbeek really are and also Jens is a charming person, that we have in the past year repeatedly encountered. Lauren wanted Friday morning did not immediately respond, but now she does it in The Last News: “When Jens was love at first sight, I think. I have some more time. We are very good friends now, since August, and there is the spark in me recently skipped. I think friendship is a very important foundation to build a relationship.” Lauren is in love with and that everyone can now know. And with Jens has Lauren apparently found the right one. “If you can give me, do laugh, I fell in love. Jens is a stand-upcomedian, he has given me already much to do to laugh. Plus also: he is particularly warm, intelligent, fun and very sweet. I have a feeling that we can learn from each other, strengthen each other as a person. And Jens is pretty romantic, because he cooks often.”

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