Italian court cancels decision to seizure reddingsschip Aquarius

9845aa5c36f849f12647eb3b0636e711 - Italian court cancels decision to seizure reddingsschip Aquarius

The Italian court has Friday the decision on seizure of a humanitarian ship Aquarius undone. Justice in Italy had earlier in the seizure warrant, because the Aquarius illegal waste removed would have of board. The ship was since then in Marseille for anchor.

The court in Catania has Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has now given. The ngo, which together with SOS Méditerranée since 2016 the operations with the Aquarius ran, had the measure under other disproportionately called.

The public prosecutor’s office in Catania suspicious of the ngos that they are between January 2017 and may 2018 and 24,000 kilograms of potentially hazardous waste have not separated from the ordinary waste. The crew would be during stops in Italian ports, waste from on-board discarded, without possible hazardous waste separate to sort. According to the prosecutors went include clothing of migrants, on food, pieces of bandage with blood stains and other medical waste.

At the end of december showed the two aid organizations already know that they are the rescue operations of the Aquarius from the Mediterranean Sea to stop. The occasion was ‘a series of targeted political attacks on the work to save lives of the aid organisation”, he said then.

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