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“If Lewis Hamilton there is no more we will realize how good he was …”

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Lewis Hamilton succeeded last year in order to re-is a great achievement to put down and his fifth world title to conquer. Still, Mercedes-motorsportbaas Toto Wolff is that Hamilton is currently too little recognition.

“Lewis is, according to me, together with Michael Schumacher, the best driver we’ve ever seen,” said Toto Wolff, as opposed to ‘The National’.

“We will only realize on the day that he stops working. Apparently, we recognise someone’s performance never while he drop it.”

Toto Wolff believes that it is something of all times, and that this is not only in the sports world happened. Apparently recognise people a person are great in performance only when he or she is no longer there.

“We see constantly all kinds of people to say goodbye or to die. We say, however, that someone really concerned with incredible performance, that we him that do.”

“I think that we something need to recognize while he was still in the race,” concluded Toto Wolff.

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