Hellhole in world premiere at Berlinale

6765a01215fa994175d01064d2818ec5 - Hellhole in world premiere at Berlinale

“As a gesture of love to Brussels and the people who live there.” So had the young Belgian filmmaker Bas Devos his new film Hellhole in his word in advance defined. The film took Friday night at the Berlin film festival its world premiere in the section Panorama.

And indeed. Hellhole, such as Brussels was dubbed immediately after the attacks of march 2016, is through the eyes of Devos’s really the opposite. From his melancholic but highly stylized portrayal of a handful of people in Brussels speak in the first place, with affection but also despair, anxiety and isolation.

After the fairly well-received premiere told Devos inter alia, that “after the attacks months before the ordinary inhabitant of Brussels again with the head upright, dared to walk”. And that he in the genesis of the film has long thought about how the city would be able to breathe and how to show that “his characters at the same time, the lonely, and yet are connected with each other”.

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