First proposed in Blind Married

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Already three couples got tied the knot in Blind Married, the second episode again was good for an average of 1.165.433 viewers (live +3), and a market share of 47,1 % (VVA 18-54).

On Monday, February 11, is Blind and Married to a premiere: a marriage proposal with engagement ring. Sports key account manager, Tim goes after their marriage on his knee for his wife, Any, who does not know what hit her and started moved.

Finally, see the Blind Married-experts in the 29-year-old ever-cheerful Line the ideal woman for the cheerful office manager Victor. At mandaatassistent Line start to panic even as her brother and sister were obliged to leave in the hall for all to take place in the wedding hall. “Now I am really alone and I am my footing is lost”. In the meantime, her future with knees to wait, while Lines mother Victor head-to-toe with the inspection. But most of all, no pressure though.

And there’s more: after two marriages, leaving the five couples all on the honeymoon. Where they end up? How is the atmosphere on the plane and the first evening on the spot? Flourish the duo’s open and they grow to each other, or will it only be sure that some distance is built?

Blind Married, Monday at 20.35 on VTM.

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