Eva Daeleman launches meditatietool

778c29ad73030642b0d21555e087ae75 - Eva Daeleman launches meditatietool

Eva Daeleman launches on its website a new meditatietool which they her interest, knowledge and voice combined. On social media explains them why they started to work. “Meditation changed my life. Also I thought initially that it only was something for people with a purple orb on the forehead and a harem pants with olifantprint,” stressed the former presenter that they have ever prejudice suffered. But thanks to a good mentor, she knew, to get used to the idea, and she learned the tricks of a good meditation.

“I meditate every day,” continued the former radiostem its argument. “For bedtime. And as much as possible in the morning. Together with my friend, Olav [her dog, red.] (all will understand that it is not all the way). I meditate in the shower, while walking. It is an indispensable part of my life.”

Eva Daeleman also clarifies why mediation for her is so important to become calmer in your daily life. “I am a thinker and a about (overoverover)thinker. The amount of mind is often hard. Fortunately, brings meditate lightness.”

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