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Ethereum founder Buterin called TRON and EOS as “centralized garbage”

9f4d2f789af61206ac75ea0223321e4a - Ethereum founder Buterin called TRON and EOS as "centralized garbage"

Telegram crypto project is nearing the Launch

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Marcel Knobloch –

Last year Telegram had a ICO, was able to collect a considerable sum of money and for the General Public was not accessible. According to the latest Reports, the project is on the verge of live to go.

According to an investor Update, the project is completed to about 90% and it will be processed only minor changes and designed. The most important part of the development of the Telegram Virtual Mashine, is completed, according to Reports. It handles calculations in the same way as the virtual machine of Ethereum (freely translated):

There are only minor Changes will be required.

Last year, the Telegram could collect in two Pre-ICO Sales more than 1.7 billion USD and is one of the largest Initial Coin Offerings which have been carried out worldwide (as measured by the collected capital). This huge sum of money is investors great expectations for the project, with other Smart Contracts platforms such as Ethereu, EOS and TRON to compete.

The original date for the Start of the Testnet of the Telegram the Open network was in January. This date was moved due to continue to new problems on the March, because not all of the open Bugs could be completely eliminated. The SOUND is a voltage erwatetes crypto-currency project, which is attributed due to the already large user base by Telegram itself great potential. In Essence, an already existing user database can be imported by GRAM in the Economics of the network.

According to The Block GRAM, the native Token of the platform will be to Start at several large Asian exchanges traded without official names were called. In the framework of the pre-sales of 2.2 billion GRAM tokens were sold for a total of $ 1.7 billion. GRAM has a total supply of 5 billion tokens, a small part of it will be retained by the company to Finance the project and to ensure a continuous development.

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