Dutch police get angry on the makers of clip rapper Jebroer

The chief of the Dutch police are going to see if legal action can be taken against the makers of a new video clip of rapper Jebroer. The top of that, the clip vheeft made, would the terms have been violated that were made for the use of the stuff of the police.

In the clip for the song Polizei of Jebroer is a pursuit in which speeds of 200 kilometers per hour are achieved. Further, there are also other traffic rules are broken and he drives through a red light.

According to the police, the production company does not comply with the appointments held. There are more uniforms and cars, lent for broadcasting. Apply to appointments. In this case, it was agreed that the car was not the public road on if. That appointment was not fulfilled. Further thinking about the police not that there are many traffic rules are violated. The chief feels embarrassed by the clip.

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