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Brock Pierce wants to Mt. Gox revive – Coin Hero

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Brock Pierce wants to Mt. Gox revive

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Marcus Misiak –

As it became known, a group of Mt. Gox creditors, to create a movement called “GoxRising”. The movement is registered on the British Virgin Islands under Gox Rising Limited, and has as its goal the creditors of the estate of Mt. To support Gox, by trying a full recovery in the context of the Mt. To reach Gox insolvency Bitcoins are lost. The movement has also to revive the goal of the stock market and to create additional economic benefits for the participating creditors.

There is probably no incident that has shocked the crypto world so high, like the Mt. Gox bankruptcy in 2014. To wrapped the best of times, Mt. Gox 70% of the entire Bitcoin (BTC)-volume worldwide, but these times are long gone. The stock market in 2014 broke the trade, and was later liquidated, because of 850,000 Bitcoin were stolen. Only a part of it, namely, the 200,000 Bitcoin were recovered in””. As a result of the event, there were many who believed that this was not a confirmation of the fact that the crypto currency market is secure.

Since 2013 and 2014, there were a number of lawsuits against the stock exchange. Since then, users who had blocked their investments in the stock market try to get your money back.


According to the Website of the movement GoxRising is the Japanese Trustees to 22. In April 2019, a detailed civil rehabilitation plan (the “CR-Plan”), in order to speed up the currently very slow and Stalled process.

Gox Rising, it was proposed by the controversial crypto-entrepreneur Brock Pierce. Pierce is allegedly the sole shareholder of Mt.Gox and the exchange wants to bring, as he told Techcrunch, again. Pierce claims that he is the 12%stake of the founder of Mt. Gox, Jed McCaleb, successfully for 1 BTC bought, as the stock market imploded. McCaleb has not confirmed the transaction, but Pierce added that his group of investors has been handled by Sunlot Holdings Deal.

Pierce makes on the website is also clear that his top priority is, to those to whom something is owed to repay. He has stated that he “wants the Best for the industry”. His Plan the entire equity of Mt. To let Gox to liquidate, and to then Fund an independent Foundation and store, which is operated by the creditors, all the assets of Mt. Looking for Gox. There are those who believe that Pierce is brave and ambitious for the step. The same number of votes, however, are also very critical because of the project – not least because Brock Pierce was involved in the founding of Bitfinex and Tether.

The plans of GoxRising

The five pillars of the Plan for the civil rehabilitation of Gox Rising, as he is on a proposal to be submitted to the Tokyo district court stated, are as follows.

  • To maximize the distributions to creditors from the cash and coins from the Mt. Gox Trustees,
  • Optimizing the speed and accuracy of the distribution of Fiat and crypto-creditors,
  • Detection of crypto-currency movements, which have taken place since the demise of the exchange process,
  • Tender of property values and Vision for the new Mt. Gox Exchange,
  • Continuation of the persecution of the remaining stocks, including the lost/stolen Bitcoins.

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