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Also Elise Mertens loses: Belgium has a miracle against France in the Fed Cup

France, with a 0-2 lead on the threshold of the semi-finals of the Fed Cup. Elise Mertens nor Alison Van Uytvanck could be her singles win, so the Belgian situation, there is specific getting awkward looks. The team of captain Johan Van Herck Sunday are two enkelspelen and the doubles on pocket in order to qualify.

For the first time since 2013 was Belgium again for your own audience, a Fed Cup match to start, when Poland in Koksijde too strong turned out for our fellow countrymen. Alison Van Uytvanck (WTA 50) in the case against Caroline Garcia (WTA 19) the debates open. Given both their record of achievements, ranking, and reputation was Garcia favorite for this duel, but on the Liège courts remained the difference an hour and a half long limited. Both players kept each other in the first set to 6-6 in perfect balance, had already Wrapped up the mid just a little less effort to its storage to keep. In the seventh game, the referee – despite a fervent intervention of captain Johan Van Herck and a grumbling audience – a twijfelsituatie just a bit too generous in French advantage, making the best Belgian chance of a break wegglipte.

So ran the first set on a logical tiebreaker. All that time had Uytvanck kept pace with the former number 4 of the world, but then didn’t. Soon, it was 0-4 for Garcia, her first setbal immediately converted.

Would that mental tap also in the rerun still snoozing? So it seemed initially. Garcia forced in the third game of the first breakpunt of the match, that they also immediately converted: 1-2. And just at the time that the camp in French’ advantage seemed to kampelen, moisture Of Uytvanck back with a tegenbreak: 2-2. ‘Ali had her kwaadste moments behind the back and took the camp with the conviction in my hands, bear witness to some blank games. “Which set am I really going to find”. At 5-4 and 40-15 and got Uytvanck two set points, of which the first bingo was: 6-4, 1-1 in sets.

In the third set, tilted the match again. “I had, however, hoped to my level of set 2 to take,” says Van Uytvanck, “but at 1-1 it went equally wrong, which I was still difficult to restore. My servicepercentage dropped and my opponent continued to clever tennis.” Garcia had been in a hurry two breaks on dry land, the spot where her opponent into the air, lay gasping. How hard Of Uytvanck tried, they continued during that whole third set to run out of breath. At 1-5, there was a great miracle is needed in order to Belgium in the opening match still to be won. Van Uytvanck could have the first two matchpunten turn back, but the stable Garcia showed that considerable bonus no more scam: 2-6 and 0-1 for la douce France.

Also Mertens fails

Could Elise Mertens (WTA 21) against Alize Cornet (WTA 51) repair the damage? Mertens opened with a break, but a strong Cornet came soon at the same height. The spektakelmoment in that first set occurred in the ninth game. Eleven minutes that took, in which the 23-year-old Limburg actually six breakkansen collected, but there are none of used. So brought salvation Cornet her storage and was 4-5 for the visitors. In the next game kept them with a beautiful forehandklap its own storage (5-5) and then with an equally beautiful drop shot to score (6-5).

The thuisaanhang responded with enthusiasm to the full run of Mertens, who should serve for setwinst. At 30-15 was that close, but a duo of double-faults – service rattled along all sides – was very inconvenient. Cornet accepted the gift with thanks: 6-6 and a tiebreak, in which the visitor with varied success the upper hand seemed to pick up. Mertens had at 3-6 three set points wipe, but she kept messing with her storage. A double fault – yet again – decided the first set in a French advantage.

Mertens continued, however, with a clever game, but that level dropped quickly away again. Her body language exuded the particular doubt and despair, especially when she was a seventh double fault struck. With part is a percentage below fifty percent you won’t make it against a quickly trotting team opponent like Cornet. The Belgian number 1 could even hear the 1-4 turn back, so still a spark of hope remained. The dropshots of a strong Cornet, which remained wreaking havoc havoc, so a new Belgian defeat could not be averted.

The Belgian number 1 against the French number 2: this was the must win-game. Captain Johan Van Herck will have motivatieskills need to the team Sunday and again on keen to get. 0-2 in French advantage, which is still one match to win for qualification. It looks benard.

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