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Woody Allen claims 68 million dollars from Amazon

ba25272649a51db1363b664f88c3a8b2 - Woody Allen claims 68 million dollars from Amazon

Woody Allen drag Amazon to court in America for breach of contract. He accuses the internetreus an end to have an agreement on the basis of old allegations against the director. That have his lawyers announced Thursday.

From the subpoena that the government Quinn Emanuel filed a court in Manhattan proves that Woody Allen, at least 68 million dollar demands of the Amazon on the basis of a contract that provided in the production and distribution of four films.

According to All wild Amazon in June to end the contract between both parties and refused to give him the 9 million dollars to pay for that feature were for the financing of the film ‘A rainy day in New York’, which is all twisted.

The contract also provided for minimum envelopes of 9, 25 and another $ 25 million for the other three movies planned for 2018, 2019 and 2020, 68 million in total.

All blame Amazon also that the distribution are not ensured of the film ‘A rainy day in New York’, that was never true in the halls and not online was placed on the platform of Amazon.

Abuse of adoptiedochter

Allen was accused of child sexual abuse on his adoptiedochter Dylan Farrow in 1992 when she was seven years old. After two examinations, he was outside prosecuted. But Dylan Farrow, supported by her adoptive mother, Mia Farrow, and her brother, Ronan Farrow, has already repeated the allegations publicly repeated, the last time in January 2018. Woody Allen has always denied.

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