Thom Yorke compares settlement of brexit with the early days of Nazi Germany

The English musician and frontman of Radiohead, Thom Yorke on Twitter sharply out at British prime minister Theresa May, and how they brexit coordinates. “No one has voted for the haggle with the lives of millions of Europeans in this country, which is immense despair and suffering caused, the equivalent of the early days of the Third Reich”, it sounds.

Yorke accuses May in his hartkreet on Twitter to a hostile environment towards immigrants in the country. “No one you voted for chaos do reign in this country, so as the parliament and the citizens to intimidate.”

“No one you voted for this red bus of a cliff to drive, with screaming passengers in the back seat. This has nothing to do with democracy, as you insist. Fear is not a weapon by a British prime minister used should be in the 21st century. Stop this bus… for now.”

Previously accused Yorke of the conservative Tory party of the treatment of British citizens as “lemmings that are jumping off a cliff”.

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