The flemish government sponsors FC The Champions

b4458aeed2077cf3605a55e0b1dea32c - The flemish government sponsors FC The Champions

The Screen Flanders Economic Fund invest EUR 850,000 in five new audiovisual productions. That made Flemish Economy minister Philippe Muyters announced today. Under more Viva Boma!, the fourth FC De Kampioenen-film, on the support of the fund to count, just like the hybrid animation film, Coppelia and the German-Belgian explanatory film Of the schreitende Mann. The televisiereeksen Moloch, directed by Arnaud Malherbe (Chefs), and Commands of Hanro Smitsman (Flight HS13, Moordvrouw) and Ivan Lopez Nuñez (Voetbalmaffia) close the list of the supported productions. The investment of EUR 850,000 will be a total of more than 6,49 million of audiovisual expenses in the Flanders Region generate. The fund achieved an economic lever of 7,64 per euro invested.
The announcement of the minister was in the context of the third and final call of 2018. The amounts per project vary between € 100,000 and 320,000 euro. Remarkably, within this call is the great diversity of genres.

For Viva Boma!, the fourth film in the FC De Kampioenen-franchise, in addition to the familiar cast again appealed to film director Jan Verheyen (The second face, The Co-s 2.0). The fourth film is a tribute to the character of Balthazar Boma and will play out in the arena of Aalst Carnival. The Vaamse manufacturer is Gardner and Domm, co-produced by the VRT.

The German-Belgian co-production Of schreitende Mann plays within a very different environment, namely that of the kunstvervalsingen. For this public film was directed by Rainer Kaufmann (Schwartz & Schwartz: Mein erster Mord) is the German Zeitsprung Pictures again in the sea with the Belgian Velvet Movies. Previously produced the collection along with the feature film Mackie Messer – Brechts Dreigroschenfilm.

In the hybrid film Coppelia animation and live-action fused together to the same balletsprookje and the sets of Sieb Posthuma to life. Steven De Beul and Ben Tesseur (Rintje, Mr. Paper) of the Flemish animation studio Beast Animation will be responsible for the direction of this quirky animated film and will be assisted by Jeff Tudor (The Feeling of Going, A Swan Lake). The Ghent-based Lunanime is co-producer.

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