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The first thing Thomas Meunier does when he returns to Belgium is not what you are a top athlete expected…

That he of culture and art, is now no longer a secret. Thomas Meunier reveals now in an interview with ‘Hep Taxi’ for La Deux where he is looking as he moves to Belgium to return. “A mitraillette with cheese sauce from the chip shop and an Orval with my grandparents.”

Meunier admits that he has his Belgian nationality for no money of the world would like to redeem. “Sometimes I count the days to the Red Devils to work out, because then I can return to Belgium. If I was in the afternoon, leave, have, I go to my grandparents, to Orval, to drink, and I eat a mitraillette (a hamburger with French fries between a bun) with cheese sauce from the chip shop. Life in Belgium is for me personally the top from the top.”

In the interview Meunier also on his way to the voetbaltop. After a passage in the youth of Standard, went Meunier at the battle of Virton. Eventually he came to Club Brugge visit, after the club youtube-images of him had seen. At Club Brugge, he was selected for the Red Devils and after the European championship of 2016 he ended up at PSG where he plays with guys like Neymar, Kylian Mbappé and Marco Verratti. “Of Verratti, I can still learn a lot such as the provision of long balls and pass-perfection. I strive for perfection, but that is almost impossible,” says Meunier.

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