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The dijkbreuk Destadsbader declared

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Fans that you know of Ketnet, the Dutch make the covers and often on tv: it explains the five MIA’s of Niels Destadsbader. To follow in the footsteps of his examples Clouseau, there is now a ‘private’ oeuvre recover.

That morning at the bakery, hours after Niels Destadsbader five MIA’s in the guard had dragged, meet two worlds together. “I had never of that Destadsbader heard,” says a man while he …

That morning at the bakery, hours after Niels Destadsbader five MIA’s in the guard had dragged, meet two worlds together. “I had never of that Destadsbader heard,” says a man while his great – gets rid. The woman who has it controlled, refuses to believe: ‘Niels, for the Love of music! Of course, you know that.’ Even though you have the best selling album of the year on your name and five MIA’s in the wait dragged, so there is still room for growth.

But if you’re not grown up with Ketnet and, as such, no VTM-viewer that you even for the Love of music have missed, then can the dijkbreuk of Destadsbader indeed, you have passed. Destadsbader, that Clouseau to his great examples are counting, is not only a singer but also an actor and presenter. He started in 2009 as a wrapperon Ketnet, where five years he remained. Meanwhile, he was also a presenter become a MNM. He then made the move to VTM.

That singer of tv

He built a young audience, and a familiepubliek – he also played a season in the series FC De kampioenen. He did that at a time when you are no longer on tv is because you have a lot of records sold, but that much is streamed and perhaps sells a lot of records, omdàt you on tv.

It is still not unimportant that you’re more than an actor who was once a record is recorded, of course. Also there was Destadsbader chiseled. Ten years ago he fell in the semi-finals of Steracteur Sterartiest on One. On a first solo album had to wait until Playtime to 2015, though he was heard on albums of the Suske and Wiske-musicals and the Ketnetreeks Amika.

Covers of Q to bonus-cd

Play time was good for double platinum, also because of the record company CNR the life of the plate cleverly managed to extend. Destadsbader played from October to december 2016, each week a Dutch cover on Q-music. That resulted in the ‘Niels & Wiels edition of playing Time on the album with a bonus cd full of covers as a ‘Pilot’ (‘Dear Mr. president’ of Pink) or the Red Noses-themasongs ‘A little differently’ (the‘Spirits’ of The Strumbellas) and ‘Skwon maiden’ (‘Sofia’ by Alvaro Soler).

Missed opportunity

The covers are a red wire, because Destadsbader switched for his album Thirty have a higher gear thanks for the Love of music, the VTM programme in which Flemish and Dutch artists perform each other’s songs in a new jacket stitches. Four of the fourteen songs in Thirty come from that program; it had five, because ‘As you go’, an adaptation of Jasper Steverlincks, ‘If you go’, ended up in the Ultratop. Destadsbader or the VRT will have a chance to leave when she in 2009, no album released of Steracteur Sterartiest.

VTM is Destadsbader meanwhile, the man who kijkcijferkanonnen as Q3 search Q3, presents, or prestigeprogramma as The gala of the Golden Shoe. This morning it was announced that a third date to add to the concerts that he in december in the antwerp Sportpaleis plays.

Clouseau chasing

That puts him in the paint as heir to the throne of Clouseau, but Destadsbader is the first to that himself to be put into perspective in interviews. We have forgotten how megalomaniac and potentially risky the first Sportpaleisconcert Clouseau was found – and that group then had eight hitalbums in the Netherlands and Belgium to his name, not two. Numerous Flemish artists and groups have of their pioneering work benefited.

The crossover to the Netherlands has Destadsbader also (yet) not made, but that is being worked on. And to be a singing host, a singer has to be that also in the media, he has more original material is needed. Artists from the category ” Flemish popular’ that Destadsbader Thursday, won, cover old hits in the Netherlands. That their commercial potential is already proven, and a text in English or in the dialect adds a potential audience. That last play even more than in the past. But for the biography, the seed or simply the honor of an artist, it is not unimportant the singer who is the original of a classic sang.

Picks up-ie in 2021 maybe even the MIA for ‘author and composer’.

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