The case Masmeijer: what happened?

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The case Masmeijer: what happened?

05 november, 2018 22:03
05-11-18 22:03
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Frank Masmeijer is accused to have cooperated in the smuggling of 467 kilos of cocaine. He denied for a long time, but gave up at the end of november ‘a limited role’ to have been involved in drug trafficking. summarises what the last few years has happened.

How is it now with the case?

  • Masmeijer is suspected of involvement in drug trafficking. In October 2017, he was sentenced to eight years in prison, but he appealed.
  • On 16 november, the court of appeal. It demanded eight years imprisonment and a fine of 40,000 euros.
  • At the end of november gave Masmeijer for the first time “a limited role” to have participated in drug trafficking.
  • The court of appeal in Antwerp is doing on 17 January ruling in the case.

Masmeijer was born in 1961 in Assen, grew up in Hilversum and was in his youth active as amateurvoetballer. At the age of 24, he made his televisiedebuut at the NCRV with the All alone in your own show, a spelletjesprogramma.

In 1989, he acquired greater fame when he the presentation of Martine Bijl of Raw took over, a television show in which children are terms to describe. Famous people then had to guess where the children were talking about. Masmeijer presented the programme until 1993.

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