The Brexit Party was founded, with the support of Nigel Farage

In the Uk, a new party, The Brexit Party, introduced. That the British electoral commission on Friday announced.

The new party has the support of Nigel Farage, the former leader of Ukip and a strong proponent of a hard Brexit.

The election commission has The Brexit Party recognized. Therefore, the party in the next European elections coming up, if the Brexit at that time still not a fact.

The British withdrawal from the European Union on 29 march, but according to article 50 of the European treaty have to be postponed if the United Kingdom and the 27 other member states agree would be.

“The party is founded, with my full support, and with the intention to take part in the European elections of may 23, if the Brexit by then not yet implemented”, explained Farage to the newspaper The Daily Telegraph. He would also participate in that vote. Farage’s seat is currently in the European Parliament.

The Brexit Party is led by Catherine Blaiklock, a former employee of Ukip.

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