Sunday start season 2 of The Luizenmoeder on NPO3

6f3ad3660239d2a7078ea701d6542693 - Sunday start season 2 of The Luizenmoeder on NPO3

This Sunday will start in the Netherlands, the second season of The Luizenmoeder. More than 3 million people – the fourth episode even 4.8 million!!! – enjoyed the first season of The Luizenmoeder. On Sunday 10 February will start the second season on NPO3.

The new school year on The Ivy is on the line and all of the familiar faces will gather on the school playground. Hannah has been promoted to klassenmoeder. They put the fragile balance in the schoolyard-ouderhiërarchie back into focus. In addition, struggling The Ivy still with a smaller leerlingaantal, so each new student is firmly embraced, and the teachers put everything on everything to the children and their parents not to lose to other schools.

In The Luizenmoeder we follow the parents and the teachers of the Ivy during a new school year in which a new waterproof security policy is introduced, there is commotion surrounding the celebration of christmas and the feast of the passover, the schoolfotograaf passes and miss Julia’s farewell is going to take.

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