StuBru nip on Qmusic, Radio 2 remains the biggest

64a96d54f8f7739447349f33aa58b3a8 - StuBru nip on Qmusic, Radio 2 remains the biggest

Radio 2 remains with 30.2 percent of the market share, and marked the most popular radio station of Flanders. In second place is Studio Brussels (11.8 percent), which is about Qmusic jumps (11.4 percent). This is clear from the new figures from the Centre for Information about Media (CIM). The figures relate to the period september-december 2018.

Radio 2 remains by far the largest, with 30.2 percent market share. The transmitter is even slightly improved compared to the measurement of July to October 2018, when the to 30.1 percent.

Studio Brussels (11.8 percent) nip than about Qmusic (11.4 percent) and is the second largest broadcaster in Flanders. At the time of previous measurement took Qmusic still 12.4 percent market share, compared to 10.6 percent for Studio Brussel.

Then follow MNM (9.6 percent), Joe (8.2 percent) and Radio 1 (7.6 percent). Nostalgia is in decline, from 6.8 to 5,95. Klara, the classical station of the VRT, has 2.8 percent market share.

“Studio Brussel puts a strong result”, responds Els Of the Sijpe, manager radio of VRT. “And with the new branding and programming that the transmitter is ready to be on radio and all digital platforms are playing a leading role as the adventurous muziekgids.”

“As we look to 2018 has Qmusic a beautiful track dropped. Not only on air but also online, at events and with Qwistet we see that the brand is alive”, declares An Caers, director of radio of Medialaan. She also points out that Qmusic most of the Flemish reached between 18 and 54 years: every day, nearly 610.000.

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