Stefaan Degand makes his debut as an opera singer

48fd1f462137ecf9cbd90d7e43d61d10 - Stefaan Degand makes his debut as an opera singer

Belgium is from may 1, 2019, a Flemish and a comic opera richer with the unprecedented baritonstem of topacteur Stefaan Degand.

‘Macho’ is the first chamber opera of lauded composer Robert Groslot, that after 120 works for ensembles and orchestra, and the plan was a Flemish opera with a lot of humor to write, a musical comedy with new classical music. In collaboration with theatre director Thomas Janssens and creative producer Ralph Broos was a romantic, black comedy. We follow a period in the life of an early couple: Kitty and Klaus. They are looking for true love. The story outlines the problems of communication between husband and wife.

“Opera is when a tenor and soprano love companies, but by a baritone be prevented from”

Stefaan Degand is in addition to punishment opera company. Lyric soprano Liesbeth Devos and romantic tenor Stefan Cifolelli are not risen to the occasion against the baritongeweld of Degand and the virtuoso 7-piece ensemble. Few know that Degand in his early years, an opera training began at the conservatory and a long piece can sing. As an avid lover of classical music, this is for Stefaan a nice new challenge, and his “vocal cords” in.

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