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Sponsor Haas F1 team responds to “ridiculous rumors”

bfcb5554e36efbc1426967e5ff5f0d6e - Sponsor Haas F1 team responds to "ridiculous rumors"

Haas suggested with Rich Energy a new title sponsor for but the strong man behind the company, William Storey, is far from blameless. Himself he is doing the rumours as nonsense.

“Rich Energy doubt is the same as denying that there is someone on the moon,” as was William Storey was achieved in the presentation of the new livery of the Haas team. The new car will from 2019 dressed in the black and gold of her new sponsor, Rich Energy.

Storey have been trying for a while a foot between the door to get in Formula 1, and after failed attempts at Force India, he finally managed to Haas to connect. Critics attract the credibility of Rich Energy in question, especially because the brand hardly today it is on the market.

William Storey of Rich Energy claims that “his opponents are clearly not on the same planet living than you and me.”

“I think a lot of people think that two plus two is five,” said Storey, as opposed to ‘Motorsport.’ “I’ve also got all the nonsense heard. Anyway, it is ridiculous and I pull it to me.”

“Ultimately, we have ninety million cans produced. What I can say to anyone that that does not exist just as well say that there is never anyone on the moon or that Elvis is still alive. That is all in the imagination.”

The eccentric Story says that he was Rich Energy via the Formula 1verder on the map below. That is a logical explanation for a product that is almost nowhere to be seen, but that mainly owes to its exclusive character, according to Storey itself.

“No words but deeds,” Storey continued. “When it’s at the end of the day eb, it is anyway clear who is naked on the swimming, wasn’t it?”

“In the end, I was from day 1 very consistent, everything I have said is also true. It is interesting to see that our so-called opponents of us don’t know.”

“It’s all guesswork that has no basis. Anyone of us would really know and really know what we were doing, and knew where we stand. Our opponents were not in possession of the facts.”

“I think we have a better product and a better brand than Red Bull. I find it amazing that we are on and off the track against each other.”

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