Seven hundred people were evacuated for fear of new dambreuk in Brazil

In Brazil there are approximately 700 residents, two mijndammen as a precaution evacuated. A dambreuk in the same state of Minas Gerais demanded previously at least 157 deaths.

The dam of the ijzerertsmijn in Brumadinho, in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, went on 25 January. An enormous stream of mud and toxic waste overwhelmed thereon, parts of the site and neighbouring residential complexes. In addition to the 157 deaths after the disaster still about 180 people missing.

The national mijnbouwagentschap now has the evacuation ordered of about 500 people who live in the downstream area around the Gongo Soco mijndam, against the city of Barao de Cocais. In a statement states that it is a preventive measure after a consulting agency a report on the stability of the structure outright.

Another 200 other people in the vicinity of the Itatiaiucu housing, downstream of the Serra Azul dam, were also evacuated, reports operator Arcelor Mittal. The evacuation came after stress tests commissioned from Arcelor Mittal, were carried out, and pending further tests, according to a statement read.

It is at the moment not clear when the residents to their homes will be able to return.

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