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Recovered body from vliegtuigwrak is from Emiliano Sala

5c279ac3d67651c169f023589ec60a1a - Recovered body from vliegtuigwrak is from Emiliano Sala

The body from the wreckage of the plane in the Channel is secure, is that of a footballer Emiliano Sala. After an investigation by the gerechtsdokter in the South-English of Portland, there is no doubt that, as has the British police Thursday evening announced. The investigation of the circumstances of his death is still ongoing.

The 28-year-old Argentine striker and pilot David Ibbotson were on Monday, January 21, with z’n twos in the small plane that was on its way from France to Cardiff, after the Sala of FC Nantes for 20 million euros, was acquired by Cardiff City. The plane disappeared that night of the radar above the Channel. Sunday was the unit on the bottom of the sea located.

According to the research team, the body is recovered under difficult circumstances. The operation was ‘on a as dignified a way as possible’, it sounds. The families of the two men were all the time kept informed.

The 59-year-old pilot, missing provisional each track.

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