“Plans for ‘Walking Dead’spin-off with Maggie”

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The “Walking Dead” universe continues to expand with a few spin-offs, including perhaps one with the character Maggie in a leading role. The actress who Maggie Greene is playing in the zombieserie, Lauren Cohan, revealed opposite entertainmentmagazine The Hollywood Reporter that plans are in that direction.

Monday announced channel AMC with a video clip that there is a tenth season of ‘The Walking Dead’, and that despite the steadily decreasing ratings. In season 9, it was to say goodbye to actor Andrew Lincoln, who the former police officer Rick Grimes played. Lincoln will still have to be seen in a number of ‘Walking Dead’movies that are in the pipeline.

Cohan, Maggie sang, came only in a number of episodes in the ninth season to bid because they are busy with the recordings for the ABC series ‘Whiskey Cavalier’. In episode five she vanished almost silently from the series, which are not in good earth, fell with the fans.

But maybe that silent exit laid the foundations for a future comeback. “There are some talks underway, but everything is still in its infancy,” she says about the possible spin-off. “It can be on all sides. We’ll see how it evolves.”

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