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Nepleerlingen used for Dutch documentary series

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The Dutch television channel RTL 4 has nepleerlingen used for a tv documentary series which has a “realistic view” had to give in the life of high school students. That writes The Volkskrant.

The new students were at the school in Veenendaal posted by Vincent TV Productions, which for RTL4 is a tv documentary series about life at a secondary school, wanted to make. That was also announced by the board of directors.

‘These five students will be intensified to be followed by the cameras than other students’, let the management know. The announced plan was to ‘through the eyes of newcomers’ to the series.


But the pupils and teachers of the Christian Lyceum Veenendaal smoking danger and went to investigate. ‘Students found out that their new classmates regard to fake profiles had on social media, ” says a teacher who wishes to remain anonymous to The Volkskrant. ‘Then discovered teachers that there is nothing about the school experiences of the new students was known.’

The discovery of the false identities have caused turmoil at the school. Both students and teachers did not like the fact that she deceived were. The board of directors of the Christian Lyceum in Veenendaal needed, to staff to admit that she was aware of the fraud.


The nepleerlingen made from the beginning part of a tv format, as it turned out. People who had problems at school, talk to this undercover with real students. Then follows the revelation of their true identity.

RTL has the pictures, meanwhile, is permanently shut down.

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