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Marc Coucke indicates (implicitly) that he errors made, but: “If you’re at Anderlecht in the nose picks, is that news”

2736d5900d6a0bed1f0eab12f0319aec - Marc Coucke indicates (implicitly) that he errors made, but: “If you're at Anderlecht in the nose picks, is that news”

Marc Coucke was yesterday a guest in the Canvas program The Appointment. The chairman of Anderlecht was there as an entrepreneur talk about affordable medicine, but it was still one question on his first year as president of purple and white. If he still no regret?

“No, absolutely not,” he responded puzzled at the question of Phara De Aguirre. “But we are more hiccups (okstakels, ed.) against than expected. And in some areas scare me, however, everything around that club, and that is how everything is magnified. If you’re there in your nose picks, is that national news. That I had in that extent is not expected.”

“That makes it all a little harder to change things. I have previously projects, companies and initiatives, I can say that in that first year things to find when you want to change. But I have never had that for the week once came to film in order to say “look, now he does this or that wrong”. While in the first year, most companies or projects are trying to change, your stupidity does. But as that every day in the newspaper, makes it somewhat more difficult.”

“Supporters hugely positive”

“But I find it really super. I also think that the supporters are very positive preparation, and it will be more appreciate if this club comes back. I really don’t know when that will be, but if we are going to celebrate it will be really more virtue. And, of course, I keep believe in it.”

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