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Jordan Lukaku in appeal against two convictions from 2016: “Not proven that he was behind the wheel”

Defender Jordan Lukaku (24) has lodged an appeal against two convictions by the Bruges magistrates ‘ court in 2016.

At the end of June 2016, the former player of KV Oostende sentenced to a fine of 2,250 and a one month driving ban because he is on a six-month period six times showed flashes along the highway, each time on the way to the coast. The toughest offense was 164 kilometers per hour. At the beginning of October 2016 was the younger brother of Red Devil Romelu Lukaku for a further 15 months driving ban imposed because his driver’s license is not timely returned after a previously imposed ban on driving fifteen months for a whole series of speeding offences, between Brussels and Ostend.

For the both processes sent Jordan Lukaku his cat, which he kept in absentia was sentenced. The footballer signed in the both cases, resistance to but the court ruled in October last year that this is to let happened. This left him only to appeal.

“It is not clear that my client behind the wheel”

According to his lawyer, Judith Demeyer were the speeding offences committed with a car that although the name of Jordan Lukaku, but which are also used by others.

“It is not clear that my client behind the wheel”, pleaded this morning in the Bruges court. “That doubt should be in his favor play. The acquittal arises. That my client, his driver’s license had turned in, had to do with the fact that he in the belief wrong that that driving ban is not yet final.”

The public ministry asked the confirmation of the two judgments. The ruling in the two cases follows on march 1.

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