Jan Leyers starts new series Nightwatch with debate about privacy

b1bc1a931ccd88089e730f52c44a364d - Jan Leyers starts new series Nightwatch with debate about privacy

Today there is need for an in-depth debate on the great themes of our time. Therefore, it grabs the Canvas back to the formula of a Watch, the much-talked about late night debatprogramma that ran from 2003 to 2005. Jan Leyers is also now the moderator.

In the first weeks of the new season asks Nightwatch wonder what role religion can play in our society, or romantic liefdesidealen outdated or even dangerous, and the climate, to save our economy. But the very first episode is dedicated to a commodity that is becoming rarer seems to be: our privacy.

Everywhere around us there are mighty organisations on the one hand, to gain insight into our private lives, and that data to sell. And for that, all means well. That turned out to be the past couple of months from the ever-expanding Facebook-scandal, and in the new series of Facebook and I on Canvas. But economiefilosoof Rogier De Langhe argues in a Watch that make us nothing. Even more: specifying our privacy is as desirable as unavoidable.

For the Brussels-based internet pioneer Ben Caudron is that evolution be life-threatening. According to him, we are hard at building a society where everything revolves around monitoring and influencing. Companies and governments keep us constant in the holes, and use that information to change our behaviour to influence. And then they sell that information so that others can do the same. “It is incredibly naive to think that Facebook has good intentions with us.” Therefore, the state must intervene, says Caudron, and technology companies forcing them to privacy in the development in their systems to build.

But we will have our privacy yet unable to protect once artificial intelligences our lives in the hands? That ask Jan Leyers of AI-specialist Mieke De Ketelaere. She is cautiously optimistic. On the one hand, can AI just used to our privacy to protect. On the other hand, going artificial intelligences of today sometimes very careless with our privacy and our freedoms.

We must fight for our privacy, or they just give them away?

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