Greek parliament gives green light for accession of Northern Macedonia to NATO

The Greek parliament last Friday, as expected, the accession of North Macedonia to the NATO ratified. That’s what happened with 153 votes for, 140 against, and 1 abstention.

NATO secretary-general Jens) had previously announced that Northern Macedonia quickly (could be from the NATO, after the final settlement of the name dispute between Macedonia and Greece.

Athens pleaded for the same name of his province in the north of the country for almost thirty years for the name change. Macedonia was, after it had gained independence in 1991, a member of the United Nations under the name Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). In exchange for the new name of Macedonia, committed the country to no longer be the approach of Skopje to the EU and the NATO block.

Wednesday, the 29 NATO countries, the accession protocol to the North of Macedonia at the headquarters of the alliance in Brussels. Next step is the completion of the ratification process in the different national parliaments, a process that about a year can last. Greece is now first in the row of the accession of the balkan country to the NATO ratified.

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