Fourth film, “FC The Champions”, 320.000 euros Flemish support

60a22f6d86e1dfc9ee529c9e06fed7fa - Fourth film, "FC The Champions", 320.000 euros Flemish support

The Flemish government draws through the fund, Screen Flanders 320.000 euro support for the fourth movie of “FC The Champions”. It is not a pure subsidy, because there is a amount back if the film generates revenue. Four other productions are getting support, reports the Flemish Audiovisual Fund.

Screen Flanders provides productions that are (partly) in Flanders to be made, a financial nudge in the back. Actually, it involves an investment. If the production is profitable turns out to be, flows a percentage back to the fund. That percentage is determined according to the ratio of the investment compared to the total production budget.

Total invests Screen Flanders this time 850.000 euro in five new productions. The film “Viva Boma!” of “FC The Champions” with the biggest part of that cake walk: 320.000 euro. In addition to the familiar cast is again an appeal is made to the director Jan Verheyen. The fourth film is a tribute to the character of Balthazar Boma and will play at the Aalst Carnival.

It also repeals Screen Flanders is still money for the Dutch-Belgian-German-British animated film “Coppelia” (100,000 euros), the Dutch-Belgian action sequence “Commands” (100,000 euros), the German-Belgian fiction film “Der schreitende Mann” (135.000 euro) and the French-Belgian fiction series “Moloch” (195.000 euro).

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