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Flemish government gives green light to stricter rules for sportmakelaars from 1 June

ce89074735d5e8d6e28ccd3d3f445112 - Flemish government gives green light to stricter rules for sportmakelaars from 1 June

The flemish minister of Sport Philippe Muyters (N-VA) wants the stricter Flemish rules for sportmakelaars take effect from 1 June 2019. The Flemish government last Friday finally the green light to stricter rules in the framework of the operation ‘Clean Hands’. One of the most striking interventions is that players ‘ agents, their services may offer to young people under the age of 15.

With the research of the federal public prosecutor’s office to money laundering, bribery and matchfixing in Belgian football, is the discussion about the role of the agents flared up.

The reins around that sportmakelaars tighter draw, said Flemish minister of Sport Philippe Muyters (N-VA) at the end of 2018 is already a package of interventions for. “With the new, stricter rules, we get more transparency on the makelaarsmarkt and we will use mainly young players better able to protect,” says the N-VA minister.

One of the new rules is that brokers no longer will be allowed to occur for young people under the age of 15. Furthermore, all sportmakelaars need to register. An advisory committee can, with proceed to the revocation or suspension of the registration. Also international real estate agents or brokers who are already registered in a different region, you will still in Flanders need to register.

Now will sportmakelaars also a bond of 25,000 euros have to pay. That amount should serve as a kind of threshold to house-, garden – and keukenmakelaars mind. “Today, there are in Belgium after all, almost the same activity of players ‘ agent than there are professional footballers are”, sounds.

Finally, it will brokers no fee may request the mediation for minor athletes. The Flemish social inspection will be both with brokers as at clubs run controls.

Minister Muyters wants the new, stricter rules from June 1, 2019. They must help him to “outrages in the future to help prevent”. “But you can and should not continue. The football world has a lot of keys in his hands. I repeat, therefore, my call to the Pro League and the belgian football association to important steps to take and the trust and credibility of the biggest sport in Flanders to win back”, decision Muyters.

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