Famous quays and bridges of Amsterdam are on the verge of collapse: emergency measures are needed

The quays and bridges of Amsterdam are so neglected that the Dutch city, drastic measures must be taken to safety can be guaranteed, writes The Telegraph. ‘Collapses cannot currently be excluded’, according to research.

At least ten kilometres of quayside is in such a bad condition that there is an ‘increased risk’ is that they will collapse. And six bridges are so bad that emergency measures were to be taken. These are the alarming conclusions of alderman Sharon Dijksma, on the basis of the research. A thorough renovation, the city can in the coming years, hundreds of millions of euros in costs.

“We knew that maintenance was needed’, according to Dijksma. “But that the neglect of so great, was that bad? The nature and extent of the problem is really serious. The measures that need to be taken, will much of the city, the residents, the businesses and the visitors are asking.’

At this moment there are already some roads closed and have trucks follow redirects to vulnerable quays and bridges to spare. There are also parking spaces removed and trees cut down.

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