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Bus ticket via Bitcoin to pay? Argentina makes it possible to Coin Hero

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Bus ticket via Bitcoin to pay? Argentina makes it possible

Home News bus ticket via Bitcoin to pay? Argentina makes it possible

Matthias Nemack –

Argentina now enters the market as the pioneer in Bitcoin payments in the real world. Citizens can use the currency now at the point of ticket purchase.

Argentina offers Bus and subway users more choice

The creation of a digital currency called the Petro was rate in Venezuela is the result of high inflation. Other South American countries are crypto-currencies openly. Argentina is treading a different path as Venezuela and renounced, at least for the time being – to a Coin. Instead, the Bitcoin now holds as a means of payment in the daily routine. Citizens can now pay in buses and metros, on the other your ticket with the most important digital currency. Thus, the country removed a further step from the traditional Cash transactions, which is especially in the countries of the Region is quite rewarding. Because many countries in South America have to contend with an increasing devaluation of the normal Fiat money.

Digital currency in connection with a Prepaid card can be used

The ticket sales with Bitcoin integration in public transport could be an important Signal for the growing acceptance of crypto-currencies outside of the Internet. For participation in the new System, however, interested parties are to rely on a tool: a “SUBE” card. It is in the charge card for the purchase of tickets already no longer in use. But now they can be at almost 40 points of contact in the country with Bitcoins. For this purpose, has chosen the card provider Alto Viaje collaboration with the renowned company Bitex.

Argentina is the Bitcoin trend-setter?

The inclusion of Bitcoins in the everyday life of the people could have different effects. On the one hand, may soon have Ethereum, Litecoin, and many other currencies and to enter in to the real lives of users. But above all, the abolition of the cash could go in the expected success faster. Without only Mobile payment services and credit cards play the major role. And yet a third Option might arise. After Argentina, the beginning of the proof that Bitcoin and co. are suitable for everyday use, could follow suit of other countries in the Region.

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