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Bitcoin ETF: VanEck widespread positive mood & Leak: as early as 2 SEC-Kommisare Per BTC ETF? – Coin Hero

Bitcoin ETF: VanEck widespread positive mood & Leak: as early as 2 SEC-Kommisare Per BTC ETF?

Home News Bitcoin ETF: VanEck widespread positive mood & Leak: as early as 2 SEC-Kommisare Per BTC ETF?

Marcus Misiak –

In a not-yet-shared contribution in the Congressional Quarterly, the only democratic Commissioner who was left behind when the SEC makes several interesting statements in support of a possible Bitcoin ETF approval and potentially multiple approvals. Meanwhile, Gabor Gurbacs, Director of Digital Asset Strategy at VanEck positive mood for the in-house Bitcoin ETF spread.

A Bitcoin ETF is one of the long-awaited most possible reasons for a Bull-Run. So far, approval has, however, remained. The entire crypto Space is waiting in 2019, therefore, still yearns for the approval of a BTC ETFs, with the hope that the doors for institutional investors will open. The greatest hopes are still on the Bitcoin ETF from VanEck/ Solid X.

As we reported last week, VanEck, and Solid X pulled their Bitcoin ETF, however, first to him then a few days later, again to be submitted for approval. As a result, the outlet was launched at the end of period for approval. According to the official statement of the proposal for the exchange-traded Fund was withdrawn because of the shutdown of the U.S. government.

Gabor Gurbacs, Director of Digital Asset Strategy at VanEck, said in an Interview with CNBC the Crypto Trader on the most recent events. He also reiterated once again that the withdrawal was a good decision. Then Gurbacs talked about whether there is still a lot of Work between the company and the regulatory authority would need to be completed. Gurbacs stated that the company has completed the tasks in three main areas: pricing, custody, and market manipulation.

We believe that we have pretty good answers to all these questions, but it takes time to repeat it with you, [SEC], and no one knew when someone in the office is and if someone picks up the calls and you can discuss this issue. We didn’t want to certainly not get the answer, which is perhaps the answer that we wanted, just because no one was in the office.

In a recent Tweet Gurbacs also explained why a Bitcoin serving the ETF to the public interest and therefore should be approved:

Leak: Are already 2 SEC Kommisare for the approval of a Bitcoin ETFs?

Robert J. Jackson Jr. in a detailed Interview, the 11. February will be published, stated that he expected that a potential applicant meets the necessary Standards for authorization of a Bitcoin ETFs. Such as Abacus, the Journal reported, was at least leaked a document.

Like on the first page of the article mentioned, was rejected in the last vote on a Bitcoin ETF (the Winklevoss-ETF) with a 3:1 vote. Behind one of the Pro-Bitcoin-ETF-voice of doubt, is free the Commissioner Hester Peirce, who has promoted in the past with numerous comments for the approval of a Bitcoin ETFs. Robert Jackson Jr should now. a consent to grant would offset the voting ratio at 2:2, which is a fundamental step forward would be.

Thus, the efforts of VanEck and Solid X, to be of no avail, the SEC convince slow to appear. The leaked document is real, it sounds like VanEck and Solid X have, based on the above rhetoric in the Interview, have a positive impact on the commissioners of the SEC. If and when a permit is to be made, but can only show the next few weeks and months.

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