Bewilderment in Family: Hanne Evy seen?

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The viewers of the Family fell on Friday night-almost literally-as their chair at the end of the last episode of this week because it popped up suddenly, an old acquaintance, one that no one immediately expected. When Hanne (Margot Hallemans) quiet by the supermarket to walk, they would stand eye in eye with Evy. Or so it seems, in any case. Because the woman seems to be on Evy, yet she has a whole other look. Moreover, it was a few months ago in the Family to see how Evy completely unexpectedly choked was in the office, after Marie (Lien Van de Kelder) the pedals lost. Evy was pronounced dead, her body was found, and she was also cremated. How can Evy – and with it, actress Marianne Devriese – suddenly back up? There is a lookalike around? Has Hanne suffer from delusions? Or is there a link with Evy? These are all questions that the viewers of Family. That is clear in the following episodes of Family…

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