Berlinale-premiere “Grâce à Dieu” plagued by controversy

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Tonight at the Berlinale “Grâce à Dieu” in premiere, the latest exploit from director François Ozon about a clerical-abuse scandal around the French priest Bernard Preynat. The mental would be in Lyon in the 80’s more than eighty boys sexually have abused. Lawyers Preynat tried the display, but the premiere still. That reports The Hollywood Reporter.

With “Grâce à Dieu” is Ozone, now for the fourth time in Berlin. That there is some controversy around the premiere, it seems the director not to bother. “Everything in the film appeared, has already been described in the French press,” said Ozone at a press conference, just hours before the premiere at the Berlinale. “I think that the French justice take a hit, especially if that of a movie.”

The Frenchman indicates that there is some pressure to the display to order. “But those who attack us, have’t seen the film. They play earlier on the man”, declared Ozone to The Hollywood Reporter.

The recording and financing of the film, proved no sinecure. “The buitenscènes we have in Lyon, but the other pictures had to be forced to take place abroad. So we have a lot of filming in Belgium and Luxembourg. In Lyon, that would not happen, because that region is extremely catholic. We wanted to be without taboos could film.”

Producer Eric Altmayer also confirms that it was not easy for financial resources for the production. “Normally, we would be able to rely on a lot of people in the region of Lyon, but this time I didn’t. In addition, refused to Canal+ us to sponsor because of the controversial topic.”

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