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Belmodo.be of Tiany Kiriloff it quits

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The model of the online modeplatform Belmodo is outdated, says Tiany Kiriloff, founder and sign. After ten years of going to the plug out.

An article about declutteren of 4 February will be the last post on Belmodo.be. The lifestylewebsite influencer Tiany Kiriloff and her team, after ten years on with existence.

Belmodo specialized in native advertising, and brought reports and videos on fashion, beauty and lifestyle that brands have to be paid. In 2014 took over publishing and production company Borgerhoff & Lamberigts a majority stake in Belmodo. The platform, that in 2008 by modefanaten Tiany Kiriloff, Angelique Foré and Michaël Schockaert was founded, was to become a broad media company for lifestylecontent. There comes now to an end. The website is already shut down. It is not yet clear whether the rest of the activities undergone the same fate.

“The current Belmodo model is obsolete,” says Tiany Kiriloff, creative director and spokesman of Belmodo. ‘Everything is now focused on social media. If you tips for fashion, beauty or travel are looking for, then you find that on Pinterest or Instagram. There were big investments needed to make our online platform future proof. And that was not an option.’

Belmodo is also feeling the pressure of increasing competition. ‘The advertentiebudgetten be on more and more platforms and players. The large media groups feel that we, as a small fish, of course. Over the past three years, there are a lot of influencers have been introduced, which is also a part of the pie.”

Kiriloff, who by almost 200.000 followers on Instagram one of the most popular fashion influencers of our country, remains active in the fashion world. ‘Without a fixed site, although with a focus on social media. Fashion remains my passion.’

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