As much as gives Cardi B per month

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If you think life in Belgium is expensive, try it as a pop star in the United States. In a video on Twitter told rapper Cardi B per month, more than 260,000 euros spend on herself and her family.

The 26-year-old Cardi B was very candid when she was in the now deleted video its finances from the canvases did. “Artists like me, and a lot of rappers that I know of, that worry literally for their whole family, and that is not tax deductible, since the tax administration if a company regards”, complained the singer.

“In addition, I must as an artist to look good for you. All this extra work to make you happy keep, that costs money. Take me now. I would say that I per month $ 300,000 (264,111 euros) to 250,000 dollars (220.075 euro) pay, and I try to make it cheaper to make, but see, that just doesn’t happen.”

The former stripster then went on to rail against fans who were critical of its expenditure. “There are people in the comments say things like: “You could donate’, or ‘This is going the wrong direction. You would this and that with your money can do”, but: who are you to come against people to say what they will with their hard-earned money to do?”

Cardi B also told me that half of her income by the tax authorities can be retained. “To $ 500,000 (440.151 euros) to spend, should I so first a million make a living,” she said.

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