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AA Gent coach Jess Thorup warns: “Mouscron is very difficult”

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Sunday night will find AA Gent, Mouscron, a formidable opponent. Les Hurlus picked up since the winter break, nine on nine and defeated even Genk and Charleroi. AA Gent-coach Jess Thorup understands the danger to his team in a fierce battle for the coveted places in Play-off 1: “There remains to us now of six major duels. This game against Mouscron is one of the most difficult”, told the Danish coach of the Buffalo’s nothing to the imagination.

“They are excellent in their stride since the winter break and recorded as the only team to three victories after the new year. We have as Standard, seven to nine met. It is really difficult, but I am there might as well have because we’re currently, of course, also on schedule for the top-six. We have long hunted for the teams in the top-six camped. Now we are hunted. We have to be our focus and these six remaining finals to try to win.”

Thorup is found to be particularly charmed by the approach of Bernd Stock, the German coach since september to get started is in the Hainaut. Initially it produced little return on but when Mouscron on match day 13 in the scalp of AA Gent conquered, made that clear for a mental boost. Since that rainy evening in October – a few days earlier took Mouscron also been a point against Standard – continued Racing Genk stitches on a tie at Le Furthermore. And after the thuiszege against Anderlecht followed after the winter break, so a nine on nine where o.a. leader Genk for the axe went.

“It is no coincidence that Mouscron always do well against the top clubs,” says Thorup, after reading all scoutingverslagen. “They are very strongly organized, and also put very good pressure. But they can also be quite varied; then again, they use the long ball and other times they can count on agile guys on the flanks. Physically, they are also very strong. So they have everything you need to perform.”

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