100 new men and women are going to challenge in ‘Homo universalis’ in Anyone famous

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Friday will be the popular heading ‘Homo universalis’ with a new season back in Everyone is famous. Therein go 100 new men and women daily to the challenge, in the hope to be crowned the new homo universalis.

Last season, watched all the Flemish people, each eagerly awaiting the exciting section, in which Everyone is famous in 100 days, goes in search of the man or woman who can do everything. 100 new candidates car now have their chance. Every day they get a new command, such as to fastest smarties sorted by color, a jump rope, ontknopen, confetti clean up or a police dog outwit. The series starts with a presentation of all candidates, and from Monday 11 February, the taste of start.

Every day there is someone. Until there is but one man or woman remains: all of the Homo universalis. Who is following Guy, the winner of last year? That we discover at the end of this season of Anyone famous. The winner can enjoy one year free holidays, offered by Neckermann. In addition, he or she will, of course, the honor of being the exclusive title of homo universalis to wear. Walter Grootaers also provides this season of appropriate comments.

Some remarkable figures about the new season:

•This season, take 50 men and 50 women participated in ‘Homo universalis’.
•The youngest participant is 18 years of age: Selattin was birthday on the day of the first shot.
•Brigitta with her 83 years old, the oldest candidate.
•Up to five 70-somethings do a throw back to the title of Homo universalis, while there are so many candidates still 20.
•The average age of the 100 candidates is 40 years.
•The best represented province this season is Antwerp with 32 candidates, followed by East Flanders (25). West-Flanders and Flemish-Brabant issue both 17 candidates, Limburg have to make do with 10 contenders, and the Brussels-capital region has only 1 representative.

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