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What a frightful kick a football player after eight years, still afflicts

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17 may 2011: the football world is in shock. The kwikzilveren Mehdi Carcela is in the Belgian titelmatch Genk-Standard almost doodgeschopt. Eight years later, on the eve of a new Genk-Standard, it is little by little clearly how heavy Carcela still suffers from the consequences of that one staircase.

Next Friday is Genk-Standard on the program. A reissue of the match in which the former Genk player Chris Mavinga Standardspeler Carcela so heavy toetakelde. The Frenchman kicked him …

Next Friday is Genk-Standard on the program. A reissue of the match in which the former Genk player Chris Mavinga Standardspeler Carcela so heavy toetakelde. The Frenchman slammed him hard against the head, the consequences were immense: jukbeenbreuk, kaakbeenbreuk, neusbreuk. His teeth were in his mouth, kicked out.

Carcela hovered between life and death. Players that are near, stood, turned, with tears in the eyes of the head away at the sight of his battered face.

Genk-Standard will always remain connected with that one, horrific phase of may 17, 2011. Because of the importance of the match – a straight fight for the title, where the whole of Belgium to looked. Because of the importance of Carcela – when flavouring, at Standard. Due to the past also: the stairs of Axel Witsel (also Standard time) on the leg of Marcin with wasilewski (Anderlecht) was still fresh in the memory.

But especially because the horrorblessure eight years later, still topical, now little by little it becomes clear how the small dribbelaar still opt out.

• January and February 2019: insomnia

In a broadcast of Extra Time testifies to Standard coach Michel Preud’homme on one of the remains of the horrorblessure. “Since then, he has trouble sleeping’, says MPH. ‘Insomnia. Occasionally, he can not sleep for five hours in the morning. We are trying there is a solution found in consultation with a psychologist.’

That placed the absence of Carcela on the Gala of the Golden Shoe in the middle of January in a very different light. Preud’homme had come to explain that his seasoning is oversleeping. Carcela was there with him, laughing, and celebrating his (disallowed) goal against Anderlecht this past weekend at the turf ‘to sleep’, to put his football shoe as a pillow.

• December 2018: the tranquilizers of mama Najat

How heavy the plane of Mavinga impact it has had on him and his family, as mama Najat Carcela to the word comes in Sport/Voetbalmagazine. About the horrorblessure of her son: ‘The most painful moment in my life. I have still nightmares about it. I have tranquilizers necessary to Mehdi’s matches to follow.’

• December 2018: scared to take the plane

In a conversation with the same Sport/Voetbalmagazine gives Mehdi Carcela that he was no longer the same carefree boy of the past. Are complexloosheid has given way to complexes, phobias even, and he links directly to that horrorblessure of eight years ago. “I’m afraid to be in the sea to go swimming or to a plane, while I used to totally not bothered them. The more turbulence there was, the better I slept. Now that is a little different.’

• March 2018: the foreign exchange against Genk

Strange sight in the cup final between Standard and Racing Genk of 2018: Mehdi Carcela during the extensions replaced and remains ostentatiously on the field. Tijdrekken according to some, the sheerest provocation, according to others. “I am misunderstood. Because of my accident seven years ago against Genk, I was hoping that their supporters would applaud for me”, he told our newspaper.

That sounds at first sight implausible, but in Wallonia there was a lot to do around the cup final of Carcela. The winger had his last cup final, seven years earlier, after all, can not play… because he was just sure his horrorblessure against Racing Genk had suffered. He calculated against the Genkenaars played the finals, it seemed a twist of fate. Maastricht, the fans could not laugh with the obedience and whistled him out firmly.

The football player who forgot how to play football

After the initial shock disappeared, the terrible injury, however from the news. Mehdi Carcela could not speak, and from the moment that he is back on its feet could stand, he was for a lot of money sold to the Russian Anzhi.

Later he would tell how he nothing knew more of the phase itself or the awakening in the hospital. He was to own say, even forget how he had to play football. He saw no more good because the foot of Mavinga him in his eye hit and had a Nintendo to buy a specific game for his eye to learn to move. Officially took the rehabilitation him six months, but actually lasted almost a year and a half.

In 2013 he returned to Belgium, but even then it remained silent for a long time about that one terrible phase and how his life had signed. For the Belgian football fan was at that time clear that Carcela is still at times the football player was that he ever had been – not more than a nice follower in the dominant Liège team that under coach Guy Luzon just next to the title handle.

The missed droomtransfer

Carcela loved all this time the lips on each other. Maybe he wanted to hide behind excuses. Maybe it was already not like to have to think. Or maybe it was so that he, the objection made was that it would not be wise at that time in his career to expose. There would be but one person, the conclusion can be draw that he has no professional football would cope.

Until the end of 2015, when he slowly returned to his old level started to come, he did it again, his mouth open. He was at the time that his face was in pieces was kicked around with Real Madrid, he said. He would be there immediately after the season signs. Naturally, that was the transfer. He said that just four years later. As if he was only in the holes, got him by the nose drilled. Or perhaps because he had only had finally able to accept that that chance may never come. He was already almost 26.

Immediately after that, he was gone again. Benfica, Granada And Olympiakos. Nowhere would it be as good as on his return to Liege, in the beginning of 2018. Carcela, the artist, was back. Better than ever. He sparkled in the spring. Excelled in Play-Off 1. Lumped high-tops against Club Brugge and Anderlecht. Is more than ever the conductor of this Standard. And the better he plays soccer, how shaken he talks about the difficulties that he encounter after that one time, eight years ago. Perhaps it is because he only now, at 29, realizes how great the impact on his career and life.

A match against Genk makes him nothing more, he says. What happened is in the past. Though he also knows that Real Madrid probably will never come knocking on your door. Dreams of a beautiful transfer, that he dares. But also still have an applause of the thuisfans as the field goes, is now Friday in Genk.

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