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US-digital chamber of Commerce is cooperating with Canada’s BAC – Coin Hero

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US-digital chamber of Commerce is cooperating with canadian BAC

Home News US digital chamber of Commerce is cooperating with canadian BAC

Matthias Nemack –

The result of the “marriage” could bring in the Region a powerful boost for the Blockchain, and thus also for crypto-Coins.

Two important industry associations follow common paths

After Canada was last to be one of the most important locations for crypto Mining in the area of Bitcoin and in the US, increasingly more companies, such as Facebook or Amazon, with the thought of their own crypto-games currencies, is called to the announcement of an upcoming merger time may be like. The U.S. Association of Chamber of Digital Commerce, merged, so to speak, according to according to a common opinion in the future, with the canadian BAC.

Blockchain and crypto-currencies should be promoted more

The BAC is the Blockchain Association of Canada, and thus, to some extent, Canada’s Association-the equivalent to a U.S. network at the same time, the oldest Association in the sector in the country, also deals with the developments of currencies such as Ether or Litecoin, as well as the opportunities. The new partners have made to his own statement, a lot. To throw the respective Strengths and experiences in a pot, to give the Blockchain System, among other things, more attention, and speak with one voice. A special feature of the BAC is the fact that it originated from the Community of the Blockchain-User. The American “counterpart” occurs again, so far as the substitute of over 200 companies in the sector are in the Blockchain-or have money to invest.

A clear vision of the involvement of the policy

Shutter of the merger, according to Tanya Woods, the Head of the new Association, the desire to be able to the interests of the Blockchain-world international better represented. From a canadian point of view, a comprehensible goal, after all, several pioneers in the industry, domiciled in the country. The newly formed Association should now work together more closely and efficiently with the policy. In addition, the Alliance sends now clear signals to the government of the United States, as well as the Congress. It need at last a US strategy for the Blockchain, so they can develop their capabilities accordingly. Whether the policy will respond to these claims?

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