Toughest diplomatic row ‘since the war’ between Italy and France

bf37b18dd2200e0de7d3f75bb11f8900 - Toughest diplomatic row ‘since the war’ between Italy and France

Paris last Thursday, his ambassador in Rome, ‘for consultation’, to France, recalled after a series of ‘outrageous statements’ of the Italian deputy prime minister Luigi Di Maio. Who had this week in Paris a meeting with some yellow vests.

In a particularly sharp statement says the French ministry of Foreign Affairs that Italy is guilty has to ‘baseless attacks’ and ‘unacceptable provocations’, and ‘the worst since the Second world War’.

Paris refers to Luigi Di Maio, deputy prime minister in the Italian government and the leader of the Vijfsterrenbeweging, that Tuesday, the world took in the surroundings of Paris, a meeting was had with Christophe Chalençon and Ingrid Levavasseur, two prominent figures of the French yellow vests. Especially Chalençon is known as a supporter of the hard line within the protest movement, aimed, inter alia, is against the policies of president Emmanuel Macron.

After the meeting, wrote Di Maio on social media that he Chalençon and Levavasseur for a return visit invited. “The new wind, the Alps crossed’, he added.

Earlier tensions

Paris responded Wednesday already touched on the ‘provocation’ of Di Maio, that the warning ” ‘with its repeated interventions in our bilateral relations, not to violate, both in the interest of France and Italy.

“France is now already for months the target of baseless attacks by Rome,” says the French ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement. ‘Differences of opinion are one thing, but the relationship between the two countries to manipulate electoral gain is something else.’

‘Terrible president’

Previously had Di Maio and deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini of the Lega al criticism on, among others, migration and economic policy of France. Salvini called Macron was already a ‘terrible president’, and called on the French in the European parliament elections not to vote for his party ‘La République en Marche’.

The same Salvini late now, however, understand that the diplomatic row is not on the striker wants to float. “I am the requesting party to the relationship with France, to normalize it, but then are three fundamental challenges to be addressed,” says Salvini in a communiqué. So, he finds that France agreed to stop migrants sending back to Italy, to the long checks at the border between France and Italy to the past, and calls Rome the expulsion from France of fifteen ultra-left Italians, who in their homeland are suspected of terrorism. “I’m certainly open to a meeting with Macron to about an exchange of ideas’, let Salvini know yet.

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