Three people dead after collapse of a Turkish apartment building

62c0413d52e157e17941cb829db8412c - Three people dead after collapse of a Turkish apartment building

In Istanbul on Wednesday during the collapse of an eight storey block of flats at least three people were killed. The reddingswerken expired with difficulty, possible, not all of the victims salvaged.

That have the local authorities Thursday morning published. During the night between Wednesday and Thursday had the reddingswerken three times be stopped because neighboring apartment buildings, the danger walked in to deposit. Seven buildings were then evacuated.

Rescue workers have already had twelve people under the rubble removed. They are wounded to a hospital, said governor Ali Yerlikaya of Istanbul, quoted by the state news agency Anadolu. Among them is also a 9-year-old boy. One of the survivors is in critical condition.

According to Yerlikaya have the rescuers in the night between Wednesday and Thursday is still a little girl discovered under the rubble. The child is conscious and the paramedics were with her.

The governor stated that in the building 43 residents were registered. How many there at the time of the collapse were at home, it is still not clear. According to a source to Anadolu, were between 27 and 30 people present.

Television images show how dozens of workers on large fragments clambered. The building in the district of Kartal on the Asian side of the Turkish metropolis was Wednesday in the afternoon by a still not outdated cause suddenly collapsed.

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